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 How to use F-CF MOD version 3.6 with screenshot

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PostSubject: How to use F-CF MOD version 3.6 with screenshot   Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:00 pm

How to use F-CF MOD 3.6

Note: Pag naghack tool kayo wag nyo na on yung cheat log in na agad kayo sa crossfire. Tapos pag naka log in na kayo press nyo na lang (Ctrl+1(1HIT), Ctrl+4 (NORECOIL) Ctrl+5 and F5). Working pa rin yung cheat kahit di nyo na i-on. Kung naghahacktool pa rin try nyo magpasok ng ibang account, pag di naghacktool yung bagong account na nilog-in nyo pwede nyo na log-in main account nyo.

Here's a step by step way on how to use the F-CF MOD 3.6
1. Download file from the link:

Click Me To Download

2. After you downloaded the file make sure you disable your anti virus before extracting it. The virus is not risky so don't worry you will not get hack. If you like scan first the file before using it or create a new account in cf to test the hack.
Here's a screenshot on how to turn off your anti virus. My anti virus is avira. To disable avira just click Anti Vir Disable. If your anti virus is not avira just right click the icon of your anti virus and find on how to disable it.

3. If you successfully disable your anti virus its time to extract the file. Extract it to your crossfire folder. Here's a screenshot on how to find your crossfire folder. Right click the icon of crossfire launcher, click properties then click find target.

4. To those who don't know how to extract file, just right click the file and click extract here. You should have winrar installed in your pc. Incase you there's no winrar installed in your pc, just download it here, Download Winrar. After you extract the file its time to turn F-CF MOD 3.4. To turn on just double click the icon F-CF MOD 3.4. Just click ok after you double click the hack.

5. It's time to activate the hack. To activate it, click the Get Active Key.

6. After clicking the Get Active Key, internet explorer will pop up and will redirect you to an ads. Click Skip Ads to successfully get the code.

7. Get the code now to activate the hack. To get the code just click get key here at the lower portion of the site.

8. Copy paste the code that will appear.

9. Copy paste the code in the box of the hack.

10. If you see this " Ok! Lets go to crossfire now." It is the signal the the cheat is already activated.

11. Time to launch your crossfire.

12. To avoid error just use "no recoil ( ctrl+4), 1hit (ctrl+4), no delay (ctrl+5)."

13. It's party party time!

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How to use F-CF MOD version 3.6 with screenshot
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